Our Latest Technology

Our attentive, personalized service is backed by state-of-the-art medical equipment, providing patients the most technologically advanced podiatry services available today.

Internet access in patient rooms:
Internet access in our patient rooms is helping Southwest Podiatry provide better care by informing patients of their health care options. Our physicians can show you information about your medical condition and then direct you to resources for ordering specialty items, such as a particular type of shoe.

Digital X-ray system:
X-rays are brought up on a computer screen in the treatment room, where the images can be manipulated to better illustrate and identify the problem – something that cannot be done with a standard X-ray. In addition, the doctor can attach notes to these digital X-rays and forward them on to other doctors, such as primary care physicians, electronically, the same day. Our physicians can zoom in on areas of interest, pinpointing problem areas.

Animation software:
Should doctors and patients review X-rays and determine that surgery is needed, the doctor can show the patient a software program in the exam room that animates the actual procedure and walks him or her through the surgical process, helping to ease the patient’s anxiety.

Voice dictation and phone system:
With its new Provoxx System, Southwest Podiatry doctors can access their dictation notes the day a patient is seen, rather than waiting several weeks, as is the norm. And, the doctor can share these notes with other doctors, including the patient’s primary care or referring physician.

High-speed networks:
Southwest Podiatry has high-speed T1 and digital cable lines in all its offices. The faster speed allows our doctors to research conditions and transfer information much faster. Also, the telephone service connects all offices, allowing each practice to dial across town using an extension vs. the entire phone number. A patient will soon be able to access anyone in the practice or make appointments at any office by dialing a single phone number.